Florida, Sunshine, Citrus...What's the Difference?


As the weather cools down, the tennis season heats up.  With so many great opportunities to play tennis, it may get a little confusing.  Here are some quick descriptions of the big 3 tennis events offered each year.  Make plans to play!

Florida Cup – Heavy hitters play in this tournament.  If you are an A-Level player, a fire-breathing tennis dragon ready to slay opponents with your mighty racquet –then the Florida Cup is for you.  This is the elite level.  Not exactly Wimbledon,but quite the distinction if you are crowned champion. 

Sunshine Cup – Tennis enthusiasts who play at the B-Level and below.  This is a tournament that provides a weekend of fun for people who have great shots, just maybe not as many great shots in a row as their A-Level buddies.  It offers a great opportunity for players to hone their game and test their skills in a fun and competitive environment.  

Citrus Classic – This is OUR tournament!  The jewel in the ATB crown.  The tennis fest after the Turkey (or Tofurkey if that’s your thing) Feast.  Held each November on the weekend after Thanksgiving, this tournament is a weekend full of social events, both singles and doubles tournaments and it’s all right here in Tampa at Harbour Island.  

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