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Our leagues and ladders are your opportunity to play best-of-three set matches, just as you would in a tournament!

Introducing Advantage Tampa Bay SINGLES LADDER ! 

ATB year round Singles Ladder is now LIVE !!

July 2017 is open challenge month so schedule a challenge match today. Updated ladder includes new members Gena Calsich, and John Thomas. WELCOME!


FULL PLAYER LADDER ROSTER HERE! .........  ATB Ladder 08-17-17.xlsx

SINGLES LADDER ANNOUNCEMENT BASIC RULES.......  ATB Singles Tennis Ladder Announcement 2017.pdf 



Summer 2016 Singles Flex League

Match Schedule

Match #1 - Jun 7-16
Match #2 - Jun 17-30
Match #3 - Jul 1-15
Match #4 - Jul 16-31
Match #5 - Aug 1-15
Match #6 - Aug 16-31

Division 1

Kevin Anderson
Darryl Creighton
Daniel Cribb
Wes Driggers
Gil Mallory
Jonathan Soots
Mike Travis

Division 2

Jeff Brawner
Kim Byrd
Sherri Fry
Chris Goldsmith
Neal Mobley
Henri Pichal
David Salinero

Congratulations to the Spring 2016 Mixed Doubles Flex League Champions!

 Blue Group Champions
 Daniel Cribb and Sandra Kobelia
 (with Coordinator Diana Zarreke)
 Orange Group Champions
 Jan Moennig and David Salinero

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