Upcoming events

    • 03/25/2022
    • 12/30/2022
    • 39 sessions
    • Sandra Freedman Tennis Center, 59 Columbia Dr, Tampa, FL 33606

    ATB Members, $7.50 for court fees.

    Open to ALL levels of players. Come for warmups around 6:45PM, play starts at 7:00PM. 

    Round Robin, Get to Know Everyone!

    • 06/27/2022
    • 09/04/2022
    • Player Determined

    Advantage Tampa Bay is pleased to announce the 2022 Summer Singles Flex League with play beginning the week of June 27th. Flex play offers everyone the opportunity to get on the courts in a fun, friendly, yet competitive way.

    How does a Flex League work you ask?

    You register yourself and indicate your preferred home court.  ATB will create divisions of similarly skilled players and a schedule of matches. “Flex” means each week you and your opponent choose the best day and time to play. 

    Registration is open until 6/23/2022.

    How much does it cost?

    The Flex league is FREE to members to register! Players are responsible for any court fees as outlined in our rules.

    When does the league play?

    League play will begin the week of June 27.  You will be assigned an opponent each week to play and have the flexibility to schedule your match during the day, night or weekend.  Whatever works for you both.  If you can’t play one week, that is okay.  Just communicate with your opponent and work out an acceptable date.  However, all matches will need to be completed by the end of the league. 

    Will we keep track of our scores?

    While the purpose of the league is to get out and play tennis, we will keep track of scores and award points for your play (see the scoring summary).  ATB will recognize division winners and award prizes.

    What if I have more questions?

    Please see the league info/rules below for additional information.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at advantagetampabay@gmail.com.


    1.        Players are responsible for scheduling their own match times at the location of the designated “HOME” player during the designated time period.  Phone numbers, email addresses and home courts will be sent to all registered players and can also be found at atb-tennis.org.
    2.       If court fees are imposed for the “HOME” court please follow communicate that to the visiting opponent when scheduling the match.
    3.       Contact should be made as soon as possible within (or prior to) the time stated for the match. If having made reasonable and multiple attempts to organize a match, the person attempting to make contact receives no response, or an opponent is unable to play at sometime within the league window, then the match is defaulted and the person attempting to make contact receives points as outlined in the scoring summary.
    4.       Players may ask their opponent to play a match prior to or after the scheduled week, but initial contact must be made within the time frame of the scheduled match.  All matches will need to be completed by the designated end of league date.
    5.       Each match shall best of 3 sets.  A 7-point tie-break (win by 2) will be played at 6-6 in a set. In lieu of a 3rd set, a 10-point tie-break (win by 2) will be played. During tie-breaks, players will change ends after each 6 points played.
    6.       Current USTA Rules will govern play for any procedures not covered by the Rules of the League.
    7.       The HOME player is responsible for providing one set of balls for match play. 
    8.      Scores are to be reported to the League coordinator within 24 hours of match completion.  All players should report the scores and are ultimately responsible for reporting scores timely and accurately.

    Scoring Summary

    Winning Player (2 sets)

    14 points

    Winning Player (3 sets)

    12 points

    Losing Player

    1 point for each game won in their two highest scoring sets (Max 8 points)

    Winner by Default

    12 points

    Loser by Default

    0 points

    No score reported

    0 points for each player

    • 07/10/2022
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Home of Jay and Rito - 4927 W Bay Way Pl, Tampa, FL 33629

    Please join us to watch the Wimbledon Men's Final on Sunday, July 10th beginning at 9am.  Jay Weil and Emerto Mendza have graciously offered to host brunch at their home. 

    To properly plan, RSVP is required by Wednesday, July 6th.

    Click here for Directions:  4927 W Bay Way Pl, Tampa, FL 33629

    • 07/15/2022
    • 10:00 PM
    • 07/16/2022
    • 12:30 AM
    • United Skates Tampa - 5121 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

    Click Here for Facebook Event Link

    • 11/19/2022
    • 11/21/2022
    • St. Petersburg Tennis Center, 650 18th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705
    Save the Dates! More information to come soon.

Past events

06/18/2022 Tampa Bay Rowdies - Pride Night June 18
06/05/2022 French Open Finals Watch Party Sunday June 5 10AM
06/04/2022 Tampa Bay Rays Pride Night June 4 Saturday 4:10pm
04/22/2022 RuPaul Drag Race Finale Friday 4/22 at City Side 7:30PM
03/29/2022 Pride Night at Tampa Bay Lightning Game
03/18/2022 Friday Social in New Port Richey
03/03/2022 Spring 2022 Team Tennis
12/18/2021 Holiday Open Play
09/16/2021 Fall 2021 Team Tennis
08/20/2021 ATB at Rays Pride Night
08/14/2021 Summer Open Play & Flex League Finals
08/13/2021 ATB Happy Hour!
06/14/2021 2021 Summer Singles Flex League
04/02/2021 Social Round Robin Doubles
03/25/2021 Spring 2021 Team Tennis
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12/19/2020 Holiday Open Play
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11/29/2019 Citrus Classic 2019
11/24/2019 ATB Pre-Citrus BBQ & Tennis at Davis Islands
11/02/2019 ATB - Sunshine/Florida Cup
05/11/2019 Mixed Doubles Round Robin
02/23/2019 ATB Board of Directors Meeting
02/08/2019 Social Round Robin Doubles
02/01/2019 Social Round Robin Doubles
01/25/2019 Social Round Robin Doubles
12/14/2018 2nd Friday Mixed Doubles
11/18/2018 ATB Pre-Citrus Potluck & Tennis at Davis Islands
11/09/2018 2nd Friday Mixed Doubles
10/20/2018 ATB Annual War on I-4
10/12/2018 2nd Friday Mixed Doubles
09/27/2018 Fall Team Tennis
09/14/2018 2nd Friday Mixed Doubles
08/10/2018 2nd Friday Mixed Doubles
07/13/2018 2nd Friday Mixed Doubles
06/24/2018 ATB Booth at St. Pete Pride!!
06/23/2018 Early Bird Discount for the CITRUS CLASSIC!!--click the link in the Description
06/08/2018 2nd Friday Mixed Doubles
05/14/2018 Last Day to Sign Up for Mixed Doubles Flex League
05/11/2018 2nd Friday Mixed Doubles
05/04/2018 Friday Night Social Tennis
04/30/2018 Women's Tennis at Puryear Park
03/08/2018 Spring 2018 Team Tennis
09/21/2017 2017 Fall Team Tennis
03/12/2017 Sunday Morning Mixed Social Doubles
03/10/2017 Friday Social Doubles
03/09/2017 Team Tennis - Spring 2017
02/06/2017 Women's Night
02/01/2017 Charity Drag Queen Bingo
11/20/2016 Citrus Classic Practice and BBQ
10/22/2016 Bahama Breeze Social
09/22/2016 Team Tennis - Fall 2016
09/11/2016 US Open Finals Party
08/27/2016 Florida Cup Practice/Team Tryout
08/26/2016 Beginners' Night
07/12/2016 Beginners' Night
07/06/2016 Mixed Doubles
04/29/2016 Happy Hour at Hula Bay
03/03/2016 Team Tennis - Spring 2016
12/14/2015 Ladies' Night
12/11/2015 Friday Social Doubles
12/09/2015 Mixed Doubles
12/07/2015 Ladies' Night
12/04/2015 Friday Social Doubles
12/02/2015 Mixed Doubles
11/30/2015 Ladies' Night
11/28/2015 Citrus Classic Banquet
11/27/2015 Citrus Classic 2015
11/26/2015 Citrus Classic Draw Party
11/25/2015 Mixed Doubles
11/24/2015 Beginners' Night
11/23/2015 Ladies' Night
11/22/2015 Pre-Citrus Classic Practice and Barbecue
11/20/2015 Friday Social Doubles
11/18/2015 Mixed Doubles
11/16/2015 Ladies' Night
11/14/2015 Florida Cup 2015
11/13/2015 Friday Social Doubles
11/12/2015 Team Tennis - Week 7
11/11/2015 Mixed Doubles
11/09/2015 Ladies' Night
11/06/2015 Friday Social Doubles
11/05/2015 Team Tennis - Week 6
11/04/2015 Mixed Doubles
11/03/2015 Beginners' Night
11/02/2015 Ladies' Night
10/30/2015 Friday Round Robins
10/29/2015 Team Tennis - Week 5
10/28/2015 Mixed Doubles
10/27/2015 Beginners' Night
10/26/2015 Ladies' Night
10/24/2015 Halloween Party!
10/23/2015 Friday Round Robins
10/22/2015 Team Tennis - Week 4
10/21/2015 Mixed Doubles
10/19/2015 Ladies' Night
10/16/2015 Friday Round Robins
10/15/2015 Team Tennis - Week 3
10/14/2015 Mixed Doubles
10/12/2015 Ladies' Night
10/10/2015 Sunshine Cup Social
10/10/2015 Sunshine Cup 2015
10/08/2015 Team Tennis - Week 2
10/07/2015 Mixed Doubles
10/05/2015 Ladies' Night
10/02/2015 Friday Round Robins
09/30/2015 Mixed Doubles
09/29/2015 Beginners' Night
09/28/2015 Ladies' Night
09/25/2015 Friday Round Robins
09/23/2015 Mixed Doubles
09/21/2015 Ladies' Night
09/18/2015 Friday Round Robins
09/16/2015 Mixed Doubles
09/14/2015 Ladies' Night
09/13/2015 Annual US Open Party
09/11/2015 Friday Round Robins
09/09/2015 Mixed Doubles
09/07/2015 Ladies' Night
09/04/2015 Friday Round Robins
09/02/2015 Mixed Doubles
08/31/2015 Ladies' Night
08/28/2015 Friday Round Robins
08/26/2015 Mixed Doubles
08/25/2015 Beginners' Night
08/24/2015 Ladies' Night
08/21/2015 Friday Round Robins
08/19/2015 Mixed Doubles
08/17/2015 Ladies' Night
08/14/2015 Friday Round Robins
08/12/2015 Mixed Doubles
08/10/2015 Ladies' Night
08/07/2015 Friday Round Robins
08/05/2015 Mixed Doubles
08/03/2015 Ladies' Night 8/3
08/01/2015 First Annual ATB Championships
07/31/2015 Friday Round Robins + Pool Party
07/29/2015 Mixed Doubles
07/28/2015 Beginners' Night - July 28
07/27/2015 Ladies' Night 7/27
07/24/2015 Friday Round Robins
07/22/2015 Mixed Doubles
07/20/2015 Ladies' Night 7/20
07/17/2015 Friday Round Robins
07/15/2015 Mixed Doubles
07/13/2015 Ladies' Night 7/13
07/10/2015 Friday Round Robins
07/08/2015 Mixed Doubles
07/06/2015 Ladies' Night 7/6
07/01/2015 Mixed Doubles
06/29/2015 Ladies' Night 6/29
06/26/2015 Friday Round Robins
06/24/2015 Mixed Doubles 6/24
06/23/2015 Beginners' Night - June 23
06/22/2015 Ladies' Night 6/22
06/19/2015 Friday Round Robins
06/17/2015 Mixed Doubles 6/17
06/15/2015 Ladies' Night 6/15
06/12/2015 Friday Round Robins
06/10/2015 Mixed Doubles 6/10
06/08/2015 Ladies' Night 6/8
06/05/2015 Friday Round Robins
06/03/2015 Mixed Doubles 6/3
06/01/2015 Ladies' Night 6/1
05/26/2015 Beginners' Night - May 26
05/21/2015 Week Night Out
05/18/2015 Ladies' Night 5/18
05/11/2015 Ladies' Night 5/11
05/04/2015 Ladies' Night 5/4
05/02/2015 Potluck BBQ Social
04/28/2015 Beginners' Night - April 28
04/27/2015 Ladies' Night 4/27
10/23/2014 SAMPLE EVENT
10/17/2014 sample

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